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This posting is for a CUSTOM worry monster.

Worry Monsters are sweet and helpful plushies for young children that struggle with worries, anxieties, and fears. Given a monster, and taught how to use it with the included story, children was write or draw their worries down and allow the monster to eat them. It always worries to become tangible for young brains and allows them to transfer that unhelpful worry elsewhere.

Each sweet monster is approximately 7 x 5 inches (body) with approximately 2 inch arms and legs. They can be made out of multiple types of fabric and include felt eyes and a polyester and flannel zippered mouth for worries. All Monster purchases also include a story that can be read to your child or student to explain how to use the monster as well as a parent/educator tip sheet.

After placing you order, I will follow up with you through Etsy Conversations for the design of your monster. Please select the general colors you are looking for. You may also message me at purchase with the following details AFTER reviewing the photos above:

Ear Selection: (choose “e” number)
Fabric Types: (select up to 3 types choosing “f” number)
Zipper Color: (Choose “z” number)
Additional Customizations: This includes patterns or themes you may be interested in the for the monster (i.e. animal-like, certain patterns of fabric, additional colors to include). Please give me a general idea of what kind of look you would like your monster to have.

Please note:

***If you have specific fabric or patterns you have picked out, please message me first. Cost may need to be adjusted based on material cost for fabric types not listed or for specific pattern requests

***If you would like to have different ear, fabric, or zipper selections than the ones listed, please message me first confirm.


Before I begin production, you will be messaged to confirm your selections and be sent an image of the fabrics to be used. Please respond to this message within 24 hours to confirm the design.

These little monsters are lovingly made in Minnesota!


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